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Our passion is what we do


Ireland Rae Creative Group is a collective mix of skilled multi-disciplined communication experts, working together to create powerful results for each of
our clients. 

Combined experience spans
30 plus years of creating successful advertising/marketing/election brands and communication campaigns.

We believe in strategically creating and managing our client's brand identity, with long-term strategic plans utilizing blended communication tools. 

Communication Strategy


It all starts with a communication plan that clearly details these critical steps:

  • Determine and Define Goals
  • Identify Profile Audience/Target Markets
  • Develop Brand and Messaging
  • Select Communication Tools and  Channels
  • Choose Activities and Materials
  • Establish Partnerships
  • Create Elements of the Plan
  • Implement the Plan
  • Evaluate and Make Mid-Course Corrections
  • Review Successful Elements and Optimize Brand or Campaign

Media Relations


We are specialist in media relations and publicity. Whether the story is good or bad, we specialize in pitching good stories with local and nation media, and managing negative media coverage. 

Graphic Design






Digital Development


We are wired and connected. Its not about what is cool to use or create online, it is about streamlining the user experience.

We cater to our clients needs while creating a website that strives to give the web visitor an easy interactive, informed and effective online experience.

Social Media


Social media is an integral part of our communication platform. Whether we develop, market products, promote brands, connect to current customers and foster new business, we entwine the right tools in social communications.

Community Engagement


We create partnerships with our collaborative community engagement projects. We showcase all the information and establish transparent, educated and informational communications.

Whether we create the campaign, strike up a conversation on social media and online platforms, or manage the meetings - our role is to create a product that is understandable, educational and engages active conversation.

Issues / Risk Management


Election Campaigns


Event Management