Executive Creative Director


Innovative and creative, Karen is a skilled marketing and communications professional with over 25 years of experience.

Her strengths include leading and creating a vast range of public policy projects, branding and marketing initiatives for both private and public sectors, small to corporate businesses, while appreciating the ever changing world of communication technology and tools. 

Karen places a high value on understanding complex issues and connecting them with the audience, so they are engaging and at the same time, understandable and educational. 

This experience built her skill set with managing the communications for a host of complex issues. As a result, Karen is very effective with a wide range of stakeholders, leadership and other governing jurisdictions.

Additionally, Karen’s priorities include maintaining a keen understanding of technology, web and social media. Then combining that knowledge to leverage these tools for a maximum results - customized for the audience.

Intuitive, dedicated and enthusiastic. Karen’s continual focus is on moving forward her engagement and communication skills. In her role as the Executive Creative Director and Owner of Ireland Rae Creative Group, she values creating successful communication campaigns for different and diverse audiences, with the dedicated professionals that comprise the creative group.

Focused areas of expertise:


  • Overall Communications
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Social Media &  Web (Geeky) Guru
  • Public Process Communications
  • Election Strategy & Campaigns
  • Community Engagement
  • Event Promotion


Mark Sims



Mark Sims is a commercial photographer based in Denver, Colorado and is the owner of Sims Photographics, Inc.

Mark’s specialties include catalog/e-comm (on figure and product – location and studio), corporate, editorial and lifestyle photography. The one element that separates Mark from others, besides his award-winning, quality photography and technical knowledge – is his relationship building skills with clients. He listens to the client’s needs, adds his ideas and then executes each project exceeding expectations. Throughout his career, he has maintained his accounts for years and is highly referred by his clients.  

A Colorado native, he has been in business for 35 years providing high quality photography and top notch dedicated service to all his clients.



Mark’s business, Sims Photographics, Inc. serves various clients. Karen Carter and Mark have created communications together for various clients, for over 20 years.

Mark's clients (partial list) includes: Mountain Smith, Colorado State Bank and Trust, Chase Bank Colorado, Karman Inc., Roper USA, Stetson, Tin Haul, Fresh Produce and the Town of Castle Rock

Mark has served on the boards of American Society of Media Photographers and American Photographic Artists. He was an adjunct professor at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for 15 years and has received various awards in fine art and advertising.

Sims Photographics, Inc. brings these qualities to each project:

• Creative visual problem solving

• High quality professional imagery

• Leadership skills; directing all elements within a shoot

• 35 years of experience; capable of sizing up and controlling the technical elements of a photo shoot in any environment


Growing up Mark

Mark’s passion for photography began at Evergreen High School in Evergreen, Colorado. He was a school newspaper/yearbook shooter with a love for the outdoors. An Eagle Boy Scout, he volunteered for Alpine Mountain Search and Rescue Team and started his first business; cutting and selling firewood.

After graduation, Mark went to Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography. While living in Glenwood, he also became a whitewater raft guide adding to his technical outdoor skills and combined together with his photography passion he has created his ideal life.

Over the years, Mark has continued to build his photo business, whitewater raft guide expertise, raise a family and dabble in real estate investments.